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Meet Again Rearrange Heavy Metal Song
WIP Bloody Tears Remix Heavy Metal Song
Defiant hero - Heavy Rock General Rock Song
The Hero arrives - Rock General Rock Song
Empty Victory Classical Song
Razirback - House House Song

2011 Submissions

Dubstep Attempt 1 Dubstep Loop
Crest of the Hill General Rock Song
Metrochromia - IDM Dance Song
Roads of Discontent House Loop
Neo-Vampire Organ Drum N Bass Loop
Am I Damaged Goods - WIP tranc Trance Song
Street Brawling Video Game Loop
Cyberpunk Shibuya Drum N Bass Song
Drawn From - Ambient Ambient Song
Dudstep (first dubstep) Dubstep Loop
B.DAT - Bitfunk Funk Song
The One-eared Rat Miscellaneous Loop
Oxide Temple Heavy Metal Song
Verschiebung (Shift) - DnB Drum N Bass Song
Bit Fed - Drum'n'Bit Drum N Bass Loop
Lost from home Drum N Bass Song
Bliss - Muse MD arrangement WI Miscellaneous Song
Map of the Problematique Miscellaneous Song
Stray away Ambient Song
MD mix - Stockholm Syndrome General Rock Song
MNSL - Tengai - Smooth Ambient Song
WIP Sega MD tune - Black sea Funk Song
WIP sega megadrive tune - Caug Heavy Metal Song
Cloud Ruler Heavy Metal Song
Haven't Cared for years Classic Rock Song
Castle - Drum'n'Bit Drum N Bass Song
Deepcraft - Drum'n'bit Drum N Bass Song
Wearing the Coy Mask Brit Pop Song
Stand Against Myself Heavy Metal Song
Thunderforce IV - Metal Squad Heavy Metal Song
Your Journey Ambient Song
The Wilson Valley Dilusions Video Game Song
Diamonds and Octagons General Rock Song
Restimation Trance Loop
Whispered Ambient Song
Asian Town Miscellaneous Loop
Capture and Lonliness Classical Song
-X- Drum N Bass Song
Fate of theme - Select Screen Heavy Metal Loop
Sangren Trance Song
Eminently Fanciable Funk Loop
No limit remix Techno Song
Transformers Theme Heavy Metal Song
Silent Fish Cruise Remix Drum N Bass Song
Streets of rage - Ending Theme General Rock Song
Deslacoda Showcase Miscellaneous Song